I love it when folks comment on my blog! I also love the opportunity to post guest blogs, when they’re appropriate. Today I have a guest blog from author Carol Paur, who had some interesting and valid points regarding the controversial HHS mandate and ObamaCare. She wrote the following to me in response to my recent posts about the HHS mandate, and has given me permission to post her comments here.

Thank you, Carol!

Flawed Healthcare Bill

I am frustrated by the Bishops’ focus on the HHS mandate within the context of the Obama Healthcare law. This is my frustration: The mandate is wrong, that I totally agree with, but the entire Obama Healthcare is flawed. There are so many problems with this that to focus on this mandate seems to be distracting us from getting into the entire law, which is fraught with immoral, unethical and unconstitutional statutes. We need to be working to overturn the entire health care law. Yes, I know there are pockets in the country where people are trying to find the law unconstitutional, and we should continue that battle. But to only focus on this mandate and not the entire law will just find us up a creek when it all goes into effect. Obama is distracting us from the real problems of this health care law. Furthermore, this law gives Obama complete authority to declare whatever he wants when it comes to our health care. Unfortunately, most liberals believe abortion is good health care. Many believe having too many children is bad health care. Put that combination together, and Obama can declare a one child limit in the interest of good health care. We also know the liberals believe in euthanasia as compassionate health care. I could go on and on…..  So, once this mandate fight is over, other mandates will crop up that Obama will have the authority to demand because of the overreaching arm of this terrible law.

I think what we all need to do is not just focus on the mandate, but carefully scrutinize the entire law, and start dismantling it, piece by piece. How, I’m not sure. But this contraception mandate is a smokescreen. What I fear most is that many Catholics will be duped by Obama’s compromise, and vote him into office this November….Worse, many Catholics feel contraception is good, so they won’t even care if the mandate stomps all over their Freedom of Religion. Obama purposely chose this controversial topic to set his agenda into action. He knew if he started off by killing granny and gramps, he’d get nowhere. But he chose a topic that most Christians disagree with the Catholic Church on, and that many (sadly) Catholics disagree with the Church on….This is why Catholics and others need to see the entire law for what it is….

Sorry if my ideas are a bit disjointed. I am tired of hearing about the mandate, when there are so many other serious problems with this law. It’s like listening to someone complain about a hang nail while there’s a person in front of you bleeding to death. Of course the mandate is much more serious than a hang nail, which should tell us that the entire health care law is detrimental to our freedoms.

Carol Paur’s work has appeared in Our Sunday Visitor, Canticle magazine, Catholic Herald as well as other secular publications. She is currently finishing her first novel, and is awaiting the sale of her movie script, “Valentine.”

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Debbie · February 15, 2012 at 10:09 pm

Carol, I agree totally. They double speak and side track people so they can get what they want thru the back door.

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