Today the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops released a statement on religious liberty, Our First, Most Cherished Liberty. It’s an important document that we all should read and absorb. The document can be found on the USCCB official web site – here’s the link:

I’d like to point out the need for us to be very savvy in this fight. The Obama administration is extremely divisive, and wants the country to think that the issue at hand is contraception. The administration is attempting to paint a scene for us of a bunch of old dodger men (our Catholic bishops) who know nothing about women’s health and are adamantly against contraception so as to keep women ignorant, barefoot, and pregnant. We know that’s not true! The battle is about religious freedom, not contraception. Obama’s greatest tool right now is to divide United States Catholics (and other religious denominations), twisting the issue and pitting us against each other. Our greatest tool is to stay informed, speak clearly and decisively, and stand our ground.

This also is a spiritual battle, with evil forces at work all around us. Below is an adaptation of a beautiful prayer written in 1916 by Servant of God Fr. Joseph Kentenich, founder of the Apostolic Movement of Schoenstatt. I hope you’ll join me in saying this prayer each day for our country, which so desperately needs an influx of grace right now!

Prayer for the United States of America

Mother Thrice Admirable, Mother of Grace,
Teach us your enemies bravely to face,
Never regarding their number and might,
Spreading your love over the earth’s dark night,
So that the world through you made new
Pay to your Son his homage due.

Mother with your Child from heaven
Descend upon our nation’s plains,
So that in following your footsteps
It may find true and lasting peace.
Mother and Child, united in love –
Through you alone can our nation be healed.

-Father Joseph Kentenich, 1916

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Joe · April 12, 2012 at 4:18 pm

Thanks Marge for sending this over! It takes a little time to read but it is well worth it! Your point on being savvy is well taken. As much as we strive to instruments of the Queen and her Son there are those who allow themselves to be instruments of Satan as we can clearly see in this administration and as we know he is the great deciever who takes delight in confusion and lies. Thanks again and we will unite in prayer which is the prime way to overcome all odds.

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