What do you do when you’re all knotted up inside, when everything seems to be coming down on you at once, when you’ve got a difficult decision to make or a tough situation to work through? How do you gain clarity?

Here’s my latest column for Integrated Catholic Life, “Therapeutic Thrifting,” in which I write about ways to gain clarity. I’m looking forward to hearing from you about the various methods you use to discover the treasures within.


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Sharon Felten · May 4, 2012 at 4:22 pm

Oh Marge I loved your article on thrift shopping and the bit about John…..brought back memories for me. I would say to the boys ( I hate to admit this) if you don’t be good I will take you to the fabric store… they would cry NO PLEASE NOT FABRIC STORE !!!
To this day they talk about the fabric store. I have tramatized my children :/
I loved to just walk around and feel and imagine each outfit …don’t ask me where I would find the time to actually sew them…LOL
But on a better note….getting clarity from the Eucharist YES….much cheaper and so much more effective 🙂
God Be With You Dear Marge !!
Love those heartfelt articles….Sharon

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