Who’s in charge of your life? When everything seems to be going awry, who do you depend upon to pull you out of the muck? When you’ve achieved a success, who gets the credit? How do you keep yourself steady in desperate situations?

Although some many prefer we think so, it’s certainly NOT the government. Is it you? Are you in charge of your life? Atheists, agnostics, and the minions of the culture of death would like you to think so. And, in part, they’re right. God? Is God in charge? Well, ultimately, yes, he is. But there’s someone else who can and should be in charge of your life. Someone who wants God’s will for you above all things, and who intercedes for you 24-7-365 before the throne of the Almighty. Someone who knows you like no other human being (better, even, than your spouse!). Someone who knows every need, every quality, every insecurity, every gift, every fear, every ability of yours. Someone who wants to care personally, lovingly, tangibly, for you in every aspect of your life. That someone is our Mother Mary.  Putting her in charge of your life is the key to real success, the success of Eternity with the Triune God.

In the Catholic Church, May has for centuries been celebrated at the Month of Mary, a time to honor our Blessed Mother with our May Blossons – little acts of love, prayers, sacrifices, and other signs of our affection. During May we want to acknowledge that she’s Queen of the Universe and Queen over our hearts. Truly, she’s our Mother, and we can and should confidently put her in charge of our lives. May is quickly coming to a close, and it’s not too late to gear up and really show Mary how much we love her, to shower her with May blossoms, and put her in charge.

I think you’ll find my latest column for Integrated Catholic Life, “Who’s in Charge?”, helpful in this regard. Let me know what you think – perhaps you have some insights of your own. In the meantime, I wish you a blessed remainder of the month of May!


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