I wish I had happier new to post, friends. But the University of Texas study cited in the Newsmax.com (link below) is so alarming that I want to make you aware of it and ask you to help me make others  aware, too.

The article describes a study of 1000 high school students conducted by researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch to determine rates of sexting (sending a nude photo via email or text message) behavior among teens age 14-19. The study found that more than half of the teens in the study had sent a nude photo of themselves to someone, and 31 per cent had requested such a sext to be sent to them. Think about it. That means more than 1 of every 2 teens that you know sext!

“But all the teens I know are really good kids,” you say? Well, they are. Yet they still can be dragged into this dangerous and disgusting trend. The study also noted that of the girls who sexted, nearly all of them were bothered at least a little by the request and more than half were bothered a great deal. More than 50 per cent of the boys admitted to being annoyed at least a little. In spite of their embarrassment and misgivings, the teens still sexted upon request! Dr. Jeff Temple, author of the study, believes that sexting statistics are an indication of teens’ sexual behavior as well.

You’ve heard me harp on this before, with good reason. Digital technology can make our lives a whole lot easier, but it also can make our kids’ souls a whole lot more vulnerable. Don’t be naive, folks. Check your teens’ phones, laptops, and tablets, see what they’re sending and receiving, put reasonable limits on technology use and openly discuss these issues with them. Don’t let your kids be one of the 50+ per cent.

Here’s the article link: http://www.newsmax.com/US/sexting-teenagers-study/2012/07/03/id/444263

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