I’m often posting news about failing school systems, and so I’m delighted to be able to post about one that really works. National Review Online has an interesting article about  the Cristo Rey Network, a group of 24 Catholic schools that serve low-income minority students in 17 states and the District of Columbia. If you live in the DC area, lucky you. If not, spreading the word about the network and its solution to the education crisis in our country may generate solutions in other regions.


I also have something fun for you today. I caught an article in the Milwaukee JournalSentinel about a WWII sailor, Ed B. Thornley, who wrote home to his family about being an eye witness to post-war nuclear weapons tests. The letters became known as “The Bikini Letters,” named after the Bikini Lagoon where the tests took place.

What makes it even more fun (at least for me) is that the sailor is from Cudahy, where I live. I pass the Ladish company – referred to in one of the letters – daily, and St. Francis High School is a couple of blocks from my house.  Ed’s daughter discovered the letters after his death in 2004, and only recently opened them up to discover their treasure.

I’ve included the link to the story below. Many families have hidden treasures like the Bikini Letters – photos, correspondence, diaries, memorabilia – I hope that this article inspires you to see if you can dig up or revisit your own family’s treasures. Enjoy!


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