We can’t physically raise our loved ones from the dead as Jesus did his friend, Lazarus. However, we can raise them spiritually by keeping alive their memories and all that they’ve meant to us. That’s what Linda Thornley did when she found a batch of letters sent home during WWII by her father, Ed Thornley, who was a sailor on the USS Rockingham. We can learn from Linda how to raise our loved ones from the dead, so to speak, in my latest column for Integrated Catholic Life, called “Buried Treasure.”

What Guys Need to Know about Women

My radio interview on Catholicism Live! regarding women in the Church garnered such positive feedback that I expanded on the topic and turned it into a column for CatholicMom.com, called “What Guys Need to Know about Women.” It’s an excellent read for both guys and gals, so much so, that I’ll be chatting about the topic – which I call holy feminism, as opposed to radical feminism – with Brian Patrick on the Son Rise Morning Show on Monday, August 6 at 5:45am CST. You can listen live or catch the podcast later on the Sacred Heart Radio website.

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