Every Christmas season,  the Internet is filled with the flash mob Christmas carol videos, and every time I’m sent the link to one, I take the time to view it – always with tears in my eyes.

The scenes themselves are awesome, and I’m touched by the fact that singers would go to that length to bring the message of the Messiah’s birth to a public place. Staging one of those flash mobs can’t be all that easy. The music has to be practiced, the location has to be chosen, then it has to be scoped out for logistics and acoustics. After that, there’s the staging and coordination of the production itself. Who has the time and energy for all of that, amid the craziness of our busy world? Obviously, some generous, dedicated musical artists do, and I for one am grateful for their efforts.


What touches me even more than the singers themselves is the response of the people- one heart at a time, they become engrossed in the event, at first in curiosity, then in wonderment and then even to the point of participating themselves. Gradually, one by one, they set their busy lives aside and allow themselves to be captured by what’s going on around them. Although we try to say otherwise as a society, especially with an anti-God government such as our present administration, we cannot stop our hearts from being awakened and responding to Him, even when He’s present in something as seemingly abstract as a flash mob in a mall.

The clip below is one of my favorites so far. The way the faces change, the demeanor is altered, and the activity stops tells me that there is still hope – hearts still long for Christ in spite of the forces around us that try to say otherwise. It consoles me with the conviction that no amount of legislation can remove Jesus from our hearts, nor can it stop us from answering when He calls to us. Look at the people in the clip; they cannot help themselves. Even the security guard – initially uncertain about whether or not intervention is necessary, resigns himself to the reality that this “mob scene” is a good thing and continues on his way.

The best part is the surprise visitors at the end. They’re recognized by all, no matter where the person might be in his/her spiritual life. I especially like the little boy whose wonder draws him in for a closer look…

If this scribe had the gift of song, I promise I would be part of one of these flash mobs. Alas, I (joyfully) resign myself to singing “silently” with my words and letting the truly talented ones lead the carols.

Here, for your enjoyment and, perhaps, tears of joy, is the flash mob video I received from a friend today. Believe! He is present among us, He will always be present among us, and for as much as some say He no longer matters, we know He does. Just watch…


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