Announcing…Pope Francis I

Today, we heard those amazing words, “Habemus Papem.” We have a Pope. The College of Cardinals has named as Pope Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, Argentina, a Jesuit. He’s taken the name Francis I and asks the faithful to join him  in a commitment to brotherhood, service, and trust.

Commentators on Vatican Radio cited him as a man of humility and simplicity. As Archbishop of Buenos Aires, he got rid of the limo provided him and took public transportation instead. He cooked for himself, and lived without all the extras that he could have been entitled to according to his office. Also, Vatican Radio said that Cardinal Bergoglio is committed to social justice and much-loved by the Argentinian people.

He’s held a number of high ranking positions (more on that in a future post), most, seemingly, with accent on service rather than authority (at this moment the Pontifical Council for the Family comes to mind). Francis I is the first pope in five centuries to come from a religious order. Here is that breathtaking moment when our new Pope was announced early today in St. Peter’s Square.


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