You’ve heard about my trip to EWTN to film a segment for “Catholic Mom’s Cafe” and appear live on EWTN Radio’s  “At Home with Jim & Joy.” Now, it’s time for me to show you. I was so busy while I was there that I didn’t have a ton of chances to take pictures, but I was able to get a few. So, if you’ll just follow me, we’ll take a brief tour of the EWTN grounds.

EWTN, Catholic Moms Cafe

First, this is the back of Regina Coeli House were I stayed while I was there. It’s a regular family home that EWTN purchased to use as a guest house. It was so homey and comfortable!



EWTN CAtholic Moms Cafe, At Home with Jim & Joy


Here’s a shot of my bedroom. As soon as I got there, I sent this pic to my family to let them know I’d arrived safely and to show them my comfy room. I texted, “My Room,” to which my aspiring comedian son responded with a picture of the dashboard of his Mustang with the caption, “My Car.” 

EWTN, Catholic Moms Cafe, At Home with Jim & Joy

After sending the pic of my bedroom, I sent this one of the Regina Coeli House kitchen, just to let my family know that I wouldn’t be starving to death and would indeed have my cherished morning coffee (notice the lovely coffee maker on the left side of the counter). Also notice the box of Snyder’s Pretzels, placed there strategically to needle my Mustang-owning-pretzel-addict comedian son. Naa-naa!

EWTN, Catholic Moms Cafe, At Home with Jim & Joy

I almost couldn’t bear to send this one back to the Clan. This is the view out my bedroom window. Everything in Alabama was already plush, green, and in bloom – quite unlike the barren and chilly Wisconsin I’d left behind!


EWTN, Catholic Moms Cafe, At Home with Jim & Joy


This is what I saw on my way to the Chapel and St. Clare Dining Hall each morning.




EWTN, Catholic Moms Cafe, At Home with Jim & Joy


Still on my way to the dining hall, and across from the Chapel entrance. This is a Corpus Christi altar – a beautiful, permanent structure that speaks to the appreciation of the liturgical feasts at EWTN!



EWTN, Catholic Moms Cafe, At Home with Jim & Joy

Here is the entrance to the studios – a bit hard to see because there are steps leading down to the door. I wish I could have taken pics inside so I could show you the awesome technology and efficiency of the EWTN operations. It was breath-taking! Lisa Hendey and I took a tour one day, and learned that EWTN’s monthly operations budget is $3,ooo,ooo!! And, by the end of the month, the money is completely used up. I can testify to the fact that not a cent is wasted! So, please, do contribute to this vital Catholic communications tool. Countless lives have been changed by EWTN’s ministry and programming.

EWTN, Catholic Moms Cafe, At Home with Jim & Joy

At last… the interior of the EWTN Chapel, where I was able to place your intentions before our Lord during holy Mass and Eucharistic Adoration. Look closely! Jesus is there in the monstrance between the two angels!


EWTN, Catholic Moms Cafe, At Home with Jim & Joy


Here is “Catholic Mom’s Cafe” host Donna Marie Cooper O’Boyle and guests Woodeene Koenig-Bricker (whom I’ve known for

 nearly 20 years but had never met in person), yours truly, and Lisa Hendey. It was an indescribable pleasure to not only meet, but work and room with these amazing women who I’ve admired for so many years!

Barbara McGuigan, The Good Fight, EWTN


Here is Lisa Hendey and I at breakfast with Barbara McGuigan of EWTN’s “The Good Fight.” What a lovely woman, inside and out! I have no idea why I insist on doing the squinty-eye thing when I have my pic taken! Oh, well.




EWTN, Catholic Moms Cafe

Whew. Here are Donna Marie and I on the set of “Catholic Mom’s Cafe.

” I so very much enjoyed taping the show and can’t wait until it airs! As soon as I know the air date, I’ll be sure to let you know.




EWTN, Catholic Moms Cafe

We took our meals in the St. Clare Dining Hall, where Rosie the Cook pampered us with the most delicious array of foods! I asked if I could take her home with me, to which she replied, “Pshaw! I can’t go home with you, I’ve got all these others folks to cook for tomorrow!” Sweet, dedicated lady! Here’s a shot of us just after enjoying one of Rosie’s fabulous meals: Lisa Mladnich, Donna Marie Cooper O’Boyle, Woodeene Koenig-Bricker, yours truly, and Lisa Hendey.

What a phenomenal trip! I wish I could have taken you all along, but at least I can share some insights and photos with you! Please join us in praying for the success of “Catholic Mom’s Cafe,” and for the EWTN mission.



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Cathy Barra · January 10, 2014 at 3:50 am

I have an elderly friend who is home bound and watches mass on Sunday morning of the EWTN broadcast. I am assuming from this chapel? She was wondering where it was…she so enjoys seeing mass on Sunday from this broadcast. Any pictures or brochures you could send would be greatly appreciated by her. My address is 3920 Parkwood….Nacogdoches, Texas….
75965. Thank you so much!
Cathy Barra

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