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I was intrigued by Pope Francis from the get-go, suspecting that he would be a Pope very different from what we expected, and I was right. Since his election, I’ve followed along with his words and actions, often posting about them on Are We There Yet?

His latest surprise came during World Youth Day – perhaps I should say, lastest surprises. He’s been telling us that, as Church, we should reach out to the people, and he did that quite literally during his trip to Rio. There were a lot of “impromptus,” including his off the cuff and eyebrow-raising remarks about gays and gay lobbies during an in-flight news conference with media on the way back to Rome. Of course, the mainstream media immediately grabbed the opportunity to twist it around and speckle the globe with “news” that Pope Francis has changed Church teaching about homosexuality and is “okay with gays.” Well, that’s far from true. 

Below is the link to an article by EWTN News Director Raymond Arroyo that I find to be particularly good on this subject. So, rather than re-inventing the wheel, I encourage you to read Raymond’s comments on Pope Francis for yourself. It’s vital that not only Catholics, but all of us, be clear about what the Pope really intended with his words about gays so that we can correct misinterpretation and misunderstanding when we encounter it. Additionally, there are some fun and interesting tidbits about Pope Francis that you’ll enjoy in the Arroyo piece.

Here’s the link:

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