File:Louis Armstrong restored.jpgLouis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” is my husband and my favorite song. For us, it’s the 11th Commandment that, if “our” song is played at an event, we drop what we’re doing and dance to it. Sadly, the oom-pa-pa polka band we had at our wedding couldn’t play that tune. BUT, our kids were sure to play it for us at our big 25th anniversary bash.

I almost never can listen to “It’s a Wonderful World” without tearing up. So, when I ran across this absolutely awesome video about a very special doctor, I, well, I did more than tear up. I couldn’t embed the video, so I’m posting the link  to it. I hope you’ll watch it to the end, because every minute is inspiring.

Afterwards, I hope that you stop to meditate on all the wonderful things God has sent you in your life – even amid strife – and then sincerely thank him for every bit of it. Who knows? You might find yourself dancing along in gratitude as Mark and I do whenever we hear it! And don’t worry about tearing up. You’re not alone.

Here’s the link:

Just in case you want to hear Louis himself…


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sally leroy · September 11, 2013 at 12:49 am

Oh Marge, yes this song always brings tears to my eyes, the word are so true, we do live in a wonderful world. My cousin made a video of our family making maple syrup in MI a few yrs ago, and dubbed in It’s A Wonderful World in the background of the beautiful scenery and family together for our annual maple syrup season at our 80 acres,it’s unbelievable what he did, and I cry not just every time I see the video but everytime I hear Louis sing this awesome song, thanx so much for your article here.

    marge · September 12, 2013 at 2:13 pm

    Sally, that’s a great memory! Thanks for sharing. I’m so happy that you have that preserved for yourselves, but also for the future generations of your family. God bless you all!

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