I caught a little blurb this morning about a hotel that refused a room to a solider because it was against their policy to rent to members of the Armed Forces. So, the soldier – still healing from battle wounds – spent the night in his car. He’d come into town to help make funeral arrangements for a fallen comrad.


Unfortunately, I think this kind of thing happens a lot. Politics are thrust before human dignity. The soldier asking for a room didn’t start the war. I’ll bet you anything he wasn’t overjoyed to be deployed, either. You can betcher bottom dollar he didn’t have anything to do with strategic command. Yet, he was held responsible for someone else’s prejudice. Pity.

It even happened in the early Church, to a different extent. The Jewish Christians didn’t want the Gentiles to be welcomed into the faith because they were…well…Gentiles. St. Paul set them straight.

I wonder what St. Paul would say to the owners of the Metro Hotel in Woking?

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