It’s late in the day on Mother Mary’s birthday, and I’m still wondering what to give her as a present. Last night I had all kinds of great plans in mind. This morning I had all kinds of great intentions to realize those plans. Then all kinds of great chaotic things happened which dramatically altered those great plans and the realization thereof.

One of the things I’d wanted to do was to offer her a spiritual bouquet of sacrifices. Oh, I had some pretty grandiose ideas in that regard. But then this thing called life got in the way. Good grief, Charlie Brown. What a blockhead.

But maybe Charlie’s got something there. The one thing I really admire about Charlie Brown is that he never tries to be anything but himself. He is what he is, blockhead and all.

Well, this blockhead is what she is. What I have to offer the Blessed Mother on her special day is the sacrifice of not having been able to make any sacrifices.

Happy Birthday, Mother Mary!

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