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Luke’s taking a couple of classes at the local public high school. At the beginning of study hall, the Pledge of Allegiance is said. Participation is optional, the students are told.

Of the roughly 30 kids in Luke’s study hall, a mere six participate. Oh yeah. The teacher participates, too. So that makes seven. The rest, he tells me, sit in their desks with their heads in their hands sighing and rolling their eyes. I expect that this scene is played daily in many of our country’s schools. Sure, we’re mostly Polish in this neck of the woods. But I doubt our kids are all that unique.

How many of today’s kids actually give a hoot whether or not we’re one nation under God? The Pledge of Allegiance is one of few traditions we have left in the United States that harkens to our Christian origins. I’m sure the ACLU’s not at all happy about that.

Of course, I can’t blame the kids alone. Their parents have had something to do with this dilemma, too. After all, kids tend to imitate what they see at home. If parents don’t give their kids something to stand for, they’ll end up not standing for anything at all. Or sitting in their desks with their heads in their hands sighing and rolling their eyes during the pledge of allegiance.

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