Yesterday I was reading the revelations of Julian of Norwich, the 14th century mystic who experienced visions – shewings, she called them – during grave illness. She was though to die and was suffering greatly. The priest came and held a crucifix before her so that she could gaze at it and gain strength from it.

During this time, she witnessed aspects of Christ’s Passion. She saw the desecration of the scourging and the agony of the Crucifixion. God spoke to her without words, helping her to understand truths that she otherwise would not have known. These truths were all deeply profound and moving.

One, however, got her laughing uproariously.

God “shewed” to her his power over the Devil through the Crucifixion. Through the Cross, his saving might would conquer all evil. This made her laugh, not out of comic relief, but out of sheer joy.

Imagine that.

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