Until recently, I thought Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were trade names for hamberger stands and candy stores. I guess they were in a way, as big time execs treated themselves to all the meat and sweets they ever would have wanted. Looks like the artery plaque and tooth decay finally added up, though, because things came crashing down on their heads. Unfortunately, it’s the average Americans who’ll have to foot the cardiology and dental bills.

I usually don’t like to argue politics – mostly because I’m no good at it. But this situation gives me cause to gripe. The country’s financial crisis has got everybody squealing and fretting about numbers, and markets, Dow Jones points, and bailouts, and mortgage loan buyouts. Those are important details, sure. But has anybody, anybody stopped to ask, “What is God saying to our country through all of this?”?

What is he saying to us? Anybody?

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