Somebody’s probably going to want to potch my mouth for saying this, but… I wonder if having Barak Obama as president could actually be a good thing for the Pro-Life Movement. Okay. Go ahead. Swing…

And then, hear me out.

Ever since Obama surfaced and began gaining amplitude as a political figure, the Pro-Lifers have put things in high gear, gaining amplitude right along with him. Never before have I seen so many feverish and widespread Pro-Life efforts interlacing all at once. Awesome.

Please do not misunderstand my convictions about Barak Obama. I believe he’s a dangerous man and will pull this country into ruin if elected president.

However, if – and I say IF – he becomes the next president of the United States, it may be just the ticket to propel those with a Pro-Life stance to get out there and fight with all our might like never before to win the hearts of the American people away from this evil devastation.

And maybe that’s something we should have been doing long ago…

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