Who Knows. It’s too early to project a winner of the 2008 United States Presidential Election. Likely, we won’t know for a while because I’ll bet anything there will be recount calls, accusations, and perhaps even (God forbid) some civil unrest. But regardless of who, legitimately or illegitimately, comes up the winner, America has lost.

The fact that a man as radical and dangerous as Barak Obama made it as far as he has is a sad statement about the morals, ethics, and intelligence of the American people. I heard it was like this as Hitler rose to power, too. The pretty image, the dynamic speeches, and the carefully crafted promises fooled the German people – or at least enough of them to let Adolf get his digs into their country…and others eventually. Mr. Obama has done the same thing to us.

Even with a McCain win, we must face the reality that nearly half – if the polls are in any way accurate – nearly half or perhaps more of our US citizens fell for the dog and pony show from Illinois.

Half or more of our fellow Americans are willing to sentence millions of little babies to abortion mills where their tiny, holy bodies will be chemically deteriorated or ripped to shreds and then thrown in a dumpster.

Half or more of our felllow Americans are willing open their doors to a questionable figure with questionable links and risky liaisons that could bring down our country’s security, moral, political, military, and social infrastructure.

Half or more of our fellow Americans are willing to be sucked into a socialistic regime run by a man who smacks of narcissistic tendencies.

Half or more of our fellow Americans are willing to jump on the change bandwagon even though they have no idea that the very changes they advocate will rot the root of American families.

It doesn’t matter who wins the election, my fellow Americans. We’ve lost.

For now.

Let this be a warning siren that we must gear up for the moral and spiritual battle of our lifetimes. This is the time to fight harder than ever to win hearts for what is right, just, and Godly. If John McCain becomes president, we must back him with all our might to assure the moral and spiritual security of this country. If Barak Obama becomes president, we must bravely and ferociously not only stand our ground, but work diligently to regain lost ground and gain new ground.

Let the lessons learned from this election spur us on to greater effort, greater evangelization, greater prayer, greater sacrifice, and greater hope. We are that hope! We can’t stop here no matter who wins the election.

Our lives, our families’ lives, our neighbor’s lives, our fellow Americans’ lives, and the lives of millions of tiny little sweethearts, depend on it.

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