Wooden Correspondence Box And Mail Envelopes with Reflection

We all know that the “nasty guy” likes to hassle folks who are trying to do good things for God’s Kingdom. This past week, it was my turn to be the brunt of his hassling.

Toward the beginning of the week, both my business email and website went down, and I was unable to use either. This affected my email correspondence, blog, podcasts, bookstore, and Simply Holy Newsletter and left me unable to notify you of the problem.

After an awful lot of prolonged wrangling between my internet provider, domain registrar, and domain host, the difficulty’s source was pinpointed and, finally, fixed. Thanks be to God! Thanks, too, to my amazing webmaster who helped me navigate the chaos!

I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused. Some of you spotted my notice about the outage on my Facebook and Twitter accounts and prayed for its resolution. For that, I’m deeply grateful.

And now, may we all give glory to God in all that we do in our respective life missions and may out hearts be profoundly touched by the Infant in the Crib this Christmas.

Wishing you a most blessed, most joyous, Christmas Season and a most holy, most fruitful New Year,


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