Reminds me of a cartoon I saw many times as kid. A wimpy little Middle East-type character would suddenly fall on his knees, grovel at the person before him, throw his hands above his had and bow down will chanting “Salami! Salami! Balonie!”. Then…presto! Magic would happen and he’d be granted whatever he wanted.

Seems like the pastor of a Detroit church has taken the same tactic in regard to our country’s economic downfall:

Reuter’s news service reported that the three major auto makers, Ford, Chrysler, and GM each donated a kbrand new SUV to be parked before the altar during Sunday services. The idea was to pray and fast for a solution to the crash that could leave 3 million people out of work.

Praying and fasting is exactly the right tactic in time of crisis, but placing vehicles before God’s altar smacks of a paganism that caused Moses to break the Tablets. SUVs don’t belong in churches and we should not be praying for a restoration of prosperity.

What we should and must pray for at all times is the fruition of God’s will. If the heavenly Father saw fit to allow the current economic situation in the US, then it’s up to us to examine our consciences, revisit our experiences, and revise our practices according to His plan. What we should be praying for is His mercy and guidance in how to proceed from here, not for an SUV in every driveway.

Salami! Salami! Balonie!

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