In Amsterdam, Jesus has two mommies. And two daddies. You can see them for yourself if you visit the city during Christmas week. A live manger scene featured as part of a weeklong festival for gays will display a “holy family” with two Marys and two Josephs. The organizer of the event says it’s to show the world that gays can indeed form families.

I won’t even go there.

Leaving moral stances aside, I would ask one question:

Why is it permissible to alter history in order to prove one’s political and religious views? Biblically we can prove that there was one Mary and one Joseph at the birth of our Lord Jesus.

Hmmmm….what if we Christians wanted to show the world how Jesus did indeed suffer for all our sins? So, how ’bout if we have a week-long public Lent display with two bloodied and beaten Jesus’ hanging on two crosses?

How long do you think it would take the ACLU or any other athiest group to charge us with offensively hoisting our religious convictions on others? I doubt it would work in Amsterdam, either.

God is the author of history. Period. Let’s leave it to the expert, shall we?

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