And folks wonder why parents choose to home school?

This morning I caught a piece in the Chicago SunTimes about the Chicago Public School System paying $67,000 for cappuccino machines in 2008 – most of which went unused anyway. The article didn’t say whether the machines were intended for staff or student use. If it was for staff, please explain to me why regular coffee like the rest of us drink isn’t good enough. If it was for student use, please explain to me why we’re serving caffeine to children. Even adolescents should stay away from the stuff while their bodies and brains are still developing.

What corks me most is that the Inspector General’s gripe wasn’t against the the ridiculous nature of the purchase but rather it was against the fact that the powers that be skirted the prescribed bidding process for purchases over $10,000. So, if they would have bid it out the cappuccino machines would have been justified?

The article went on to cite violations of grading and admittance policies. Grades were changed on athletes’ records for the sake of college applications and then changed back again once the application process was completed.

I often tell people that Mark and I aren’t anti-school. We just haven’t found suitable schools for our children to attend that won’t cost an arm and a leg. And even some of those we wonder about. There are plenty of awesome teachers out there, but we’re not willing to wade through the quagmire to reach them.

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