Here we go again. Another case of Internet – specifically MySpace this time – disassociating fantasy and reality in the minds of our children. Not only children, but also adults.

Click on the title and read it for yourself. A Los Angeles mom was acquitted of charges against her for creating a fictitious 16-year-old boy on MySpace. She used the false identity to tease her 13-year-old neightbor girl into an online relationship. Then she used the false identity to dump the girl. After that, the despondent girl hanged herself. The mom was acquitted because the judge ruled that violating website terms agreements was not a federal offense.

It’s a sad day when the federal government isn’t offended by the loss of a precious life.

We should be offended, though. We should be watchful, courageous and stand strong against the dangerous currents that will sweep our nation’s children right out from under us. If we’re not careful, the current will take us along, too.

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