You’ll notice that the button (pictured below) appears on the left side of my homepage at A similar one appears in the right sidebar of my blog, Walking by Heaven’s Light.

Donate ButtonThis is an opportunity for you to participate in the Church’s mission of Evangelization. Most folks aren’t aware that websites and blogs cost money to maintain. And, as I discovered at a social gathering this past Sunday, many people believe I get paid for my radio appearances and make megabucks on my books and speaking engagements. I don’t.

I try very hard to reach as far as I can and bend to the budgets of all the venues with which I work. By donating to my website and blog, you’ll allow me to keep reaching and perhaps reach even farther. Although we wish we could offer all we do for free, those of us in Catholic media have costs to pay and families to support. If you value us, help support us. The donate button on my homepage is one way for you to do that.

In advance, thanks for your support through your feedback, contributions, and most importantly, your prayers. Every day I send up a prayer of gratitude to the heavenly Father for all those who support my work. That includes you.

I’d deeply appreciate it if you would share this post with others, so that more folks can understand and appreciate the need to support Catholic media.

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