That’s what my parents used to say. Huh. And that’s what I tell my kids, too.

So, I suppose I shouldn’t pick on the US Army to use video games to recruit new soldiers. Because, really, I haven’t any better ideas myself. I sure think aggressive recruiting is a whole ton better than the draft. But, video games?

New recruiting stations like the one in a Philadelphia shopping mall will have a lounge-like atmosphere and a gaming room that will let you try your hand at firing from an Apache helicopter or Humvee. Take a look at this piece from FoxNews.

I sure agree that the military needs to employ more contemporary methods for recruitment – and training, for that matter. But I wonder what happens when the illusion created in the mall doesn’t match the reality of the battleground. War ain’t no game, folks. It ain’t no game.

I also wonder what might happen if we go back to square one and try recruiting methods that focus on the calling of the military, the honor in serving one’s country, the greatness and responsibility of the United States of America and the respect and gratitude our soldiers deserve. Let’s give them our prayers and encouragement instead of a joy stick.

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