Last Thursday, my middle “child” turned into an adult. It was Luke’s 18th birthday and, just like every young person who turns 18 in our culture, he informed me that he is now an adult.

Well, guess again, my son.

Of course, Luke said this teasingly because first of all he knows that I hate seeing my kids grow up and leave home. Secondly, he knows Mark’s and my philosophy on adulthood:

It’s a state of mind, not a date on the calendar.

I think the worst thing we can do for our young people is to impose an indiscriminate deadline for their development. That’s inorganic. Some folks are grown up at age 16, some not until they’re 40. Some even later than that. I’ve known 6 year olds who’ve shown more maturity than 36 year olds. Adulthood is about what God does in the mind, heart and soul of the individual, not what the laws of the state declare. It’s a slow and steady process with fits and starts, advances and back tracks. I don’t think anyone can pinpoint the exact date on which someone becomes adult.

So. Luke may be 18, but that doesn’t automatically make him an adult. However, I must admit that he’s pretty well on his way. Happy Birthday, Luke!

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Mambukab · October 2, 2015 at 4:55 am

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