The first meeting of the Family Readiness Group for our son’s troop is coming up. Better known as FRG (military love acronyms), or for me, FRoG, this is a support group for the families of deployed soldiers. Tell the truth, these are great folks but I’m not ready to be a FRoG just yet.

Seems Matt just left for training and already it’s time to start the FRG rigamarole. Test calls to make sure the phone tree is functioning so that folks can be notified of news, black outs and wounded – or God forbid – killed soldiers. Newsletters. Fundraisers. Emails. Meetings. Morale building events. Here it comes, I’m about to be turned into a FRoG. Ribbit.

Last time I volunteered to be a phone tree caller, and I’ve done the same this time. That means carrying my cell – and remembering to keep it turned on – 24/7 for the next year. Every call will have to be answered, every voice mail played. You never know when something’s going to happen, and you sure don’t want to keep the other families waiting to hear the news. Mostly I volunteered because if someone really is wounded or killed, I don’t want to be one of the ones waiting to hear the news. A bit selfish, I know. But I’ve never been a very patient person.

Already there’s been an injury – Matt’s as a matter of fact. No phone tree for it, though. Just a text message from his cell phone to mine. He forgot to put his ear guards in when heavy artilery was fired rignt next to him. He’s lost the hearing in his right ear. We’re praying it comes back. He’s a tough guy, he’ll be fine. This time.

A new president today, huh? Well, he says he’s going to change the world. During the campaign he came off as knowing all the answers. I don’t think he’s talking so smart now. I’ve not read the transcripts, but news reports claimed his inaugural speech was somber. Duh.

You betcha, buddy. We’re in a somber state of affairs. We’ve got an economy in the dumps, the sanctity of life at grave risk, and more than 3500 soldiers from Wisconsin heading off to the Middle East. During this critical time, we need everyone to become a FRoG. No matter what side of the spectrum you stand on, please support our military men and women. They’re working hard to keep your backside safe, and they need all the prayers and support they can get.

Goodness knows, it sure won’t come from the White House. So, do I hear any other ribbits out there?

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