Would you like to take part in Pope Francis’ May 24-26 pilgrimage to the Holy Land? Now you can!

Terra Sancta Pax, a collaborative effort to promote and pray for peace in the Holy Land has announced an initiative to encourage people throughout the world to pray on the 24, 25, and 26 of March, April, and May as spiritual accompaniment of the Pope’s historic pilgrimage and meeting with Patriarch Bartholomew I, the Eastern Orthodox Archbishop of Constantinople. The first day, the 24th, is a day of fasting, the second day, the 25th, is a day of adoration and the 26th is a day of unity (visiting a friend or someone in need).

The group has composed a prayer booklet for this purpose, available online at the link below. I know I’ll be joining in this effort, and I hope you will, too.


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