Gee, we’re going through all this agony for nothing. Here we are, moping around over our dead dog when all we had to do was save some of her DNA and have her cloned. And for a mere $155,000.

That’s what a Florida couple did with their dog. So, when Mr. Poochie passed away a year ago, they had Mr. Poochie II all lined up and ready to go. No need to miss the dog, just have another one made to replace it.,2933,484148,00.html

Perhaps on the surface (over-looking the extreme cost) this seems like a simple solution. I mean, they’re just dog genes after all, aren’t they?

But we should be thinking hard about this mind set. What happens when we begin to see ourselves as masters of creation? What happens when we begin to resolve matters of the heart in a laboratory? When we’re moved to spend $155,000 just so we won’t have to experience the discomfort of losing a pet?

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