Well, this is a gem. The Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land (the bishops of the different Catholic rites), have created a “Media Commission” in anticipation of Pope Francis’ May 24-26 pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

The commission has been given the task of building the infrastructure necessary to accommodate journalists from around the world coming to cover the Pope’s visit to the Holy Land. (Yes, my heart jumped when I was reminded that I’ll be one of them.) And so, the commission has launched a website to provide material and information for journalists.

BUT, friends, the website also will be of interest to the general public. That means you!!

The commission therefore has inaugurated an official Web site that will be regularly updated. The site is translated into seven languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic and Hebrew.

On the site, you’ll find information on what is happening before and during the pilgrimage, notice of the Pope’s intentions, the significance of his words and deeds as well as the realities of the Church and the Christians in the Holy Land.

I’m eager to dig into this site, and I hope you’ll be eager to dig in with me. In the mean time, I ask you continued prayers as I prepare for the trip, and for the Holy Father’s safe and successful trip to the Holy Land, too!

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