I’d gone to bed at 2am and risen at 6am for many days in a row, trying to keep up with the list of demands requiring my attention.

This morning I decided to “sleep in” because I’d lost an hour to daylight savings time and so instead rose at 6:30am after having gone to bed – again – at 2am. I (literally) stumbled down the stairs, sleepily flipped on the coffee maker, and sat down on the couch to wait for the coffee to brew. All the while, my big toe was aching terribly – throbbing, throbbing, throbbing with slicing pain along one side.

“Not on your life!” I grumbled to the Blessed Mother as I poured myself some coffee. “I have a full day ahead of me today. You simply cannot give me an aching big toe to slow me down. Another day, Mother, but not today!”

I painfully pudded over to the living room and sat down again on the couch to give my poor toe some relief while I was having my coffee. Next thing I knew, I was opening my eyes to a full view of our living room ceiling. I jolted upright.

“Argh! I fell asleep! I don’t have time for this! I’ve got to get going!”

I jumped up and limped to the dining room clock.

“Whew. It’s only 6:40,” I sighed in relief. “I only dozed off for a few minutes. I’ve got plenty of time.” I poured myself some coffee and lolly-gagged around a bit, contemplating the exciting day ahead, the talk I’d be giving, the people I’d be meeting, and fretting about the stifling effect my hurting toe would have on it all.

Suddenly, I gasped. “No way. It can’t be.” I flumbered up the stairs to the bedroom to check my alarm clock. Sure enough. It was 7:45am! The downstairs clocks hadn’t been set ahead for the time change!

“Good grief!” I exclaimed as I hopped down the stairs as fast as my pouty toe could carry me. “I’ve got to get a move on! I’m late!!”

I headed for the bathroom, flung the door closed behind me, and turned on the shower. Still vehemently griping about my sore toe and the inconvenience it would cause me, I reached down to pull off my slippers.

Then, I broke into a hearty chuckle.

In my sleepiness, I had put my slippers on the wrong feet!! As soon as the slipper was off, my toe felt as good as new.

Aren’t we like that in our spiritual lives? We half-consciously grumble to God about something we detest when all along, it was a dilemma of our own making.

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