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I’m sure it’s no coincidence that I keep noticing articles about the Holy Land. It’s like when you buy a new car, and you think you’re one in a million driving that model. Then you take it out for a spin and see that half the folks on the highway are driving the same car. In the same color.

This morning, an article caught my eye with double impact. It’s about veterans in the Holy Land. I’ll be going there soon, but also my grandpa, dad, and one of our sons are all veterans. Triple play.

Because of what I’ve learned from my dad, and particularly from my son, I’m extremely sensitive to the difficulties that vets face and the lack of support they suffer. So, when I saw Judith Sudilovsky’s article in the May 18 issue of Our Sunday Visitor titled, “Veterans find faith, hope, and healing in Holy Land.” It’s about American veterans finding healing in the Holy Land, well, I just had to pass it on to you.

The program Judith writes about  – Heroes to Heroes – was founded in 2009 and funds groups of vets to go on pilgrimage to the Holy Land, giving them a chance to be with others who really understand what they’ve been through, and still are going through, and to helping them to reconnect with their faith. Some of the vets who went on the pilgrimages go on to be coaches for other vets coming on pilgrimage.

I hope you’ll read the article in OSV and that you’ll pass on news of this awesome program to others, especially the veterans in your life. If you can manage, please donate to keep the program running and vets healing.

It’s a sad misconception that soldiers coming home are cared for by the Veterans Administration. The VA does some wonderful things, but it is nowhere near supplying what vets need. especially on a long-term basis. There are re-entry programs, but they don’t go deep nor long enough to move vets to lasting solutions. What is lacking from our government can be supplemented by programs such as Heroes to Heroes.

Here’s the link:

If you want to do directly to the Heroes to Heroes website so you can learn more and donate, here’s that link:

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