Old City from the Mount of the Olives

It depends on how you look at it.  The dates for my trip to the Holy Land have been changed. As of an hour ago, I’ll be leaving the US on May 20 and returning on May 29 (The original dates were May 18 and 28, respectively.).

This could be good, or it can be bad. On the upside, I have two more days to prepare, and that can do a lot for my nerves given the significant amount of backsliding I’ve been doing and the level of unpreparedness I’ve been experiencing. On the other hand, it’s two more days to wait for this monumental trip.

More time to prepare…more time to wait…

In the end, or course, it’s a moot point. I’ve placed this trip back in God’s hands. He gave it to me as a gift; I gave it back to him in gratitude. He knows what he’s doing, and so I need only let go and trust in him. And work like a dog to catch up on my preparations!

In the mean time, stay tuned. I’ll keep you updated on my travel arrangements, preparations, and items of interest I discover along the way!

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