The God-free Campaign continues. Little by little, the anti-God folks are trying to corner us, strip us of our religious and nail our faith the the flagpole. Be assured that they’re hard at it.

Now they’ve cornered a hospice chaplain in Florida, forbidding her to use the words “God” or “Lord” in public venues such as the hospice chapel, nursing homes, hospitals, and meetings with families. She can, however, use those words in private consultations with patients and families. Poor thing felt so restricted that she resigned from her job. That’s probably exactly what the hospic administration wanted her to do.,2933,509724,00.html

The saddest part of this isn’t the impact this has on the living – the chaplain, staff, or family members – but on the dying. It’s bad enough that the God-free Campaign is determined to make us live without God, now they’re trying to make us die without him, too.

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