Well, I don’t really know what he says, but I do know that today Pope Francis made an impromptu visit to the Vatican canteen, went through the line, sat down at a table with other Vatican employees and made small talk with them. He asked them about themselves and their work, finished up his lunch, paused for a quick group pic and then went on his way. No announcement, no special treatment, just one of the guys…

My friends, we have a way-cool Pope. Here’s the Vatican Radio article on the Pope’s visit. More and more I can see why folks the world over love this Pontiff.

Vatican Radio photo

Vatican Radio photo

As I busy myself with preparations for my September visit to Rome, I can’t help but wonder what way-cool things Pope Francis will do while I’m there and whether I’ll witness any of them.

I also can’t help wondering about the reaction of the Vatican employees when the Holy Father walked into the canteen. Were they nervous? How did they respond to his questions? What’s it like to sit across from the Pope at lunch?

I can only imagine how I would react or what I’d say in the same situation.

How would you react? What would you say?

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