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I had a terrific chat with John Harper this morning on Relevant Radio’s “Morning Air.” WE talked about how Catholicism came to Korea (it’s not the way you think), and the impact James Foley’s letter should have on all of us.

I encourage you to listen to the podcast – just look on the Audio Archives calendar and locate August 27. Then click on Stream.

If you’d like to look up the Aleteia columns we referred to. Here are the links;

The Korean Martyrs and the Power of Lay Witness

James Foley’s Letter Home Has an Important Message for Us, Too

And my latest, Their Stories Showed Me How Little I Knew of God’s Love

One of the things John and I talked about on air is the simple times and how much they matter to us. The simple times are the moments that seem insignificant, like goofing around with siblings or running an errand with Dad or Mom, but end up becoming an integral part of who we are and how we’re attached to others.

Those memories can keep us going in the dark times, as they did for James Foley.  John mentioned that, if we chose just one topic – say, First Communion memories – the phone boards would light up and we’d be on the air for hours taking all the calls. I completely agree.

That makes me curious. What memories of the simple times surface for you? When you pause from the chaos of your day, what simple times surface in your mind and heart?

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