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I read it twice, and then a third time. I had to make certain I was actually reading what I thought I was reading. Then, I got angry.

A recent article at Breitbart tells of the efforts of the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission to use the incident to control home schoolers. Home schooling, according to the commission, is the reason that Adam Lanza shot twenty children at six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. So now the commission wants behavioral health screening of home schoolers and monitoring with annual reports for those who elicit behavioral health issues.

That is ridiculous.

In this week’s column for Aleteia, “Home Schooling Isn’t to Blame for the Sandy Hook Shooting,” I share about my own experiences with school administrations gone awry and the consequent reasons I chose to home school my children. I think my column will be quite enlightening. Please read it and share it.

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