Take Ouija off your Christmas list. NOW.


The Ouija Board was a fad in the 60s and 70s – a dangerous fad. This year, it’s making a comeback, big time. It’s #5 on the Top Ten Trending Toys on Google, right amid American Girl, My Little Pony, and Legos. This “spirit” board is by no means a game. It’s an instrument of the occult and can open your kids’ souls to evil spirits. That goes for adults, too. Please read my latest for Aleteia.org and warn everyone you know that Ouija is NOT just a silly game!

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  1. hossein می‌گه:ba salam ketabe gaorhe shab cheragh unzip namishe سلام عزیز من همه لینک ها رو دانلود کن بعد آنزیپش کن همشون به هم وصلن مدیریت وب : شادمهر

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