Back from the North Woods of Wisconsin where it was cold and rainy most of the time and sunny and cool the rest… It was a fun trip nonetheless and we’re no worse for the wear. Honestly, I think Mark and I did more parenting during these past five days than we have during the first 23 years of parenthood. But, that’s another story.

For now I’ve returned to the grind, preparing my When’s God Gonna Show Up? Workshop, promoting the book, writing articles and presentations, blogging, and annoying my kids. You’ll notice I’ve changed the look of my blog and significantly updated my website. Take a look and let me know how you like it!

I was expecting to have missed out on a ton of news while I was gone, but was surprised and a tad disappointed to find out that the world is just about the same as it was when I left except that the Holy Father broke his wrist in a fall. Oh, I’m sure other stuff happened, but there wasn’t anything that really shook my cage (or drew my immediate interest).

I’m looking forward to a couple of new ventures. Reveille for the Soul is in the works, and I need contributions from all military personnel. Check the website for more info… I’d also like to try something new. I’d like to know when God’s shown up in your life! Would you like to share your WGGSU story with the rest of us? Send it to me and I’ll post it.

Being away from the grind was great, but it’s good to be back. Keeps me from getting rusty.

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