My son – white, middle class, consciencious – plans to be a polic officer when he graduates from the local technical college in two years. Does that mean that he’ll be called “stupid” by our president if he so much as stops and questions a person of color engaging in suspicious activity? Probably, and perhaps worse than that.
I’m referring to the incident between Cambridge Police Sgt. James Crowley and Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Sgt. Crowley stopped Professor Gates outside his home one evening because he sensed he might be trying to break into the home. Upon being approached by the officer, Professor Gates became unruly and consequently was arrested.
I find it curious that Professor Gates is a long-time friend of President Obama. Hmmm…Getting a little defensive, are we, Mr. Obama?
Dear Mr. President, I believe you’ve gone too far. Again.
First of all, how dare you pass judgment on a situtation for which you do not have all the facts? Were you aware of the exact details before you opened your mouth and labeled someone else? Were you aware that Sgt. Crowley has an excellent record and in fact taught a racial profiling course at the Lowell Police Academy, appointed by his boss, who is African American.
Second, what kind of example is that for a president to set for his countrymen? It’s not very prudent to name-call even if the police officer had acted out of order. Aren’t Presidents supposed to weigh all the details carefully and act judiciously?
Finally, Mr. President, I cringe at your obvious lack of support for our law enforcement personnel. Did you ever stop to think that, had there been an actual burglary taking place, your friend and/or his property would have been saved from harm?
Obviously not.
So, Mr. President, what do you propose I tell my young son about to embark on his journey toward becoming a polic officer? Do I advise him to do his job to the best of his ability so long as he never confronts any person of color for any kind of suspicious activity? Or, do I simply tell him to be sure to lay off the President’s buddies?
And by the way, Mr. President. Who exactly are you buddies? Perhaps the rest of us should know lest we also step out of line and be labeled “stupid”.
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