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Our chat on Morning Air about the dangers of Ouija created such a buzz that we had too many callers to get to during the segment! What a great “problem” to have!

The call boards lit up as soon as we started chatting, and there we so many callers still on hold when we ended, that we’ve decided to extend the segment to Wednesday, December 17 at 6am CST. 

And, just FYI – in the time since I first wrote my column on Ouija for Aleteia.org, the Ouija Board has moved from #5 to #4 of the Top Ten Trending Toys of the 2014 Christmas Season.

If you were one of the callers on hold, please do call in again. If you’re a new caller, please give it a try – we’ll try to get to everyone possible.

In the meantime, please send me your Ouija stories so I can mention them on the show (anonymously, of course). It’s important that we spread the word about this spiritually dangerous “board game.”

Here’s the number to call in: 1-877-766-3777

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