Then he shook his head, looked me in the eye and said, “I actually apologized, I APOLOGIZED to all my friends for voting for Obama.”

“He” is a young African America soldier with whom I had the great pleasure of conversing early this morning during a visit to the Veterans Administration Hospital in Milwaukee. Among other things, we’d been talking about the war in Iraq, it’s development, progression, and (hopeful) resolution.

He was quite articulate and knowledgable, and when President Obama’s name came up, he’d paused, taken a deep breath, looked at the floor and simply sighed, “Obama…”. I’d expected him to say something along the lines of, “Yup. He’s gonna change all that. He’s gonna find the solution. He’s gonna change the world.”


Instead he told me that he doesn’t think the President knows what he’s doing, that he put up a “nice presentation” but in actuality had nothing behind it to back it up. Then he went on to tell me about his apology.

I was stunned, not so much because of the apology itself, although that in itself was enough to take my breath away, but because this young, black male did not fit the stereotype that the media has created for him. The media would have us think that all minorities – especially African Americans – are crazy in love with President Obama and that he’s the savior of our country. Not only that, but also the media would like us to believe that our military are collectively in favor of him, that they believe he’s the one (finally) with all the right answers.

Wrong on both counts. This one not only sees things in a different light, he apologized for his vote.

Let’s pray that our president learns to see things in a different light, too.

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