Those of us who grew up in the sixties and seventies will remember the waves of overpopulation scares. Over and over again we were told to cut back on having children because in a few years there wasn’t going to be enough land or resources to house and feed the world’s people.

Well, the Population Research Institute says these claims are bogus and explains why both on their website and YouTube page:

I almost fell for the overpopulation hoax as an elementary schooler and high schooler. Of course, I had people close to me who’d bought it hook, line and sinker (more sinker than anything else). I mean, if the folks I’d looked up to believed in it, then I should believe in it too, right?

That makes me wonder how many others like me are out there believing in myths that were taught to them as kids by misinformed authority figures who meant well, but were leading their mentees sorely astray.

This goes far beyong population control, contraception or abortion myths. It permeates every aspect of our lives, our faith, our relationships, and even our humanity. How long will we allow ourselves to be led blindly by the faulty and twisted reasonings and realities of human beings while at the same time ignoring the Truth that God has so eloquently laid out for us in Scripture and our faith traditions?

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