No offense to my wonderful theologian friends…

St. Teresa once asked Jesus why He didn’t tell some learned theologian to carry out the work He’d given her. He replied, “Theologians will do nothing to enter into personal communication with Me. Repulsed by them, I must choose women to open to them My Heart and speak of My affairs.”

What an interesting insight into the heart of a woman! What our Lord is talking about here is motherliness, not in the sense of having born child but in the sense of having a heart that can be open to, perceive and tend to the needs of the other. This is something that men simply do not innately have. And it’s because of women’s motherliness, when it is a holy motherliness, that women can sometimes be more effective at communicating and opening hearts to God than men.

As I have so often told my daughter and the young women I’ve mentored, There is nothing as beautiful as a woman who walks in the Spirit or terrifying as one who does not.”

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