St. Peter's from Angel bridge 9-14

Lately everybody’s abuzz about how the younger generation is falling away from the Church, becoming “nones” and turning their backs on religion. At least that’s what a recent Pew study seems to show, and what the secular media want us to believe. A drop in numbers does not prove that the Church is no longer vital. It may be in decline, but it is not in demise. And it never will be. Here’s why.

Forever Catholic: Why the Pew Study Doesn’t Matter


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Carol Paur · June 3, 2015 at 11:35 am

Thank you, Marge. Many years ago they kept telling us the world would be over populated, but now we see large areas where there is a decrease in population. We can make all sorts of projections. Instead, we should work on our own renewal and conversion, and then go out and make disciples of all people.

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