I’m taking a little break in our ongoing dialogue about the spirituality of marriage to draw attention to a critical issue that faces not only Catholic couples but all of humanity. Stanford University recently announced that a team of researchers has discovered a way to coax stem cells will into becoming eggs and sperm. On the surface this could seem like an awesome discovery for couples who are infertile. In reality, what we have is the created disassociating themselves from the Creator. With this new technology it will no longer be necessary to have either a man or a woman for the conception of a human person.

This is completely mechanistic thinking and threatens not only the sanctity of marriage but the sacredness of all human beings. It began decades ago when we separated the marital act from the God willed procreation of children through the use of contraception. The marital act became an “it” that human beings had a right to for the sake of their own selfish gratification. This turned people into objects rather than instruments in God’s divine plan. With the Stanford discovery, man and woman are no longer even objects; they’re simply… inconsequential. We have separated ourselves from our own humanity.

Think about the implications of having a society in which couples bear no responsibility or participation in the “creation” of their own children other than signing the check for the laboratory. Doesn’t seem a whole lot different from signing a check for Wal-Mart, does it?


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