There hasn’t been much time for blogging lately. I’ve got three book projects, two proposals, and an article screaming for my attention. On top of that, I’ve been working on a large section of the formation curriculum for the new course of my community. Oh, yeah. And there’s a wonderful husband and children needing my attention.

Then…there’s this weekend. I’m helping with a retreat in Ohio – the Schoenstatt School of Life. I’ve known about the retreat for quite some time. The original plans were for Mark and I to go together and give one talk as a couple. The talk is one we’ve given dozens of times before. So, no biggie.

Until a couple of weeks ago when I found out Mark can’t go because he’s so busy that he won’t be able to break away from the print shop. Okay, so I can go alone.

A few days ago, I found out that I’m giving not one, but three talks, all on subjects I’ve not spoken on before. Gulp. Changes are stil being made to the schedule, and I’m feeling quite disoriented and am wondering what God is saying to me in all of this. I have no doubt that He’s got a reason for sending me scampering. But, what’s the reason?

I may never know.

For now, I’ll be praying for inspiration and meditating on my attachments to created things. The disruption of my work flow, taxing schedule, and pressure-cooker demands on my talents are all little prophets announcing God’s love to me. If I didn’t have useful talents, He wouldn’t be asking me to use them like this.

It’s my task now to look at them in a priestly way – offer, consecrate, and communion. I need to again offer my talents to God, consecrate them so He can make them holy, and then join in communion with the suffering Christ, giving my all for His Mystical Body.

Tall order! So, pray for me, I’ll pray for you and I’ll see you back here Tuesday when I’ve returned from Ohio.

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