The other day, the doorbell rang and I decided to ignore it. For the past few weeks, our front doorstep has been crowded with Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, campaigners, roofers, siders, window replacers, masons, and candy salesmen. I’d finally had it. We were in full swing with our school and writing work and I wasn’t about to be disturbed. So, we let the bell ring and the dog bark and kept right on working.

Later we found out that the door bell had been rung by two well-meaning friends who’d spontaneously stopped in for a visit. Geesh. Can you imagine how terrible I felt? That’s not to mention my utter embarassment…

That makes me think of the way we tend to shut people out when we’ve been hurt by someone else. The folks around us didn’t have a thing to do with it, yet we push them away just to make sure we’re not hurt again. Sadly, the people we push away could in reality be true friends. Then we end up missing a wonderful opportunity.

I’ve pledged to answer the door every time the bell rings from now on. If it’s a contractor, campaigner or evangelist, I’ll deal with it. Better that than miss out on a visit from someone special. I don’t ever want to be a Ding Dong again!

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