Are you free from idolatry?

Pope Francis asked that of his listeners this morning during his daily Mass homily as Casa Santa Marta.

He asked those present three questions.

First, “Do I give?”

Second, “How much do I give?”

Third, “How do I give?”

Those trapped in idolatry cannot give at all. Those who are free of idolatry are able to give as Jesus gives.

“When you help someone, do you look that person in the eye? Do you touch that person’s hand? Theirs is Christ’s own flesh, that person is your brother, your sister. At that moment you are like the Father who does not leave the birds of the air to go without food. With what love the Father gives! Let us ask God for the grace to be free of this idolatry, the attachment to wealth: let us ask the grace to look at Him, so rich in His love and so rich in generosity, in His mercy; and let us ask the grace to help others with the exercise of almsgiving, but as He does it. ‘But, Father, He has not let Himself be deprived of anything! Jesus Christ, being equal to God, deprived Himself of this: He lowered Himself, He made Himself nothing – [yes,] He too deprived Himself of something.”

The Holy Father spoke – as he has many times in the past – forthrightly about greed, idolatry, and the abuse of material possessions.

Perhaps we can ask ourselves the three questions Pope Francis asked of his audience this morning. Then, perhaps we can resolve to deprive ourselves of something for His sake.


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